ZOE SNORKELING TOURS Our Tours start at 9am and end at 12pm. Afternoon options are also available on request. We offer boat and car based tours.  Boat tours require at least 6 people to do a tour. Car tours access almost all the same reefs locations, and we can take as little as one person, plus they offer a smaller carbon footprint than a boat tour. Charlotteville Snorkeling Tours have a minimum of one and are priced differently. Click the link above for more information.  


Mt Irvine reef

Mt Irvine Reef is another great snorkelling option with large rocks covered with coral and lots of cool nooks and crannies for marine life to hide under

Arnos Vale Reef

Arnos Vale Reef is another fantastic location for snorkelling offering a plethora of coral and rock formations, along with both shallow and deep free diving options.

Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens is situated on Buccoo Reef. This is a great spot

to check out a variety of fish and sea life.

Cotton Bay

Not so much a snorkelling spot although there are a few good areas. A great place to hang out and enjoy the sea.

Bon Accord Lagoon

We tend to finish our tour with a trip around this mangrove lined beauty of a lagoon.

No Mans's Land

Another option for just hanging out. No Man’s Land is one of those special places to just relax and enjoy where you are.

Nylon Pool

Another great place to visit, if you like shallow sandy areas. Basically a swimming pool in the middle of Buccoo Reef

Here are a few photos of some of the marine life that you can see on the reef.

Our captain will personally go snorkelling with you and point out all that the reef has to reveal!

Yellow Tail Damselfish

Spotted Filefish

Spot Fin Butterfly Fish

Rainbow Parrotfish

French Angelfish


Chain Moray Eel

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